who we are


Every service provider prides in a clientele that keeps coming back. For us, it is more than that. Being considered worthy to serve our vast customer base has made us fight for the chance to serve again and again.

When it comes to good food, we don’t relent. And better, when our clients enjoy the wholesome experience and leave with a smile. That is why we go beyond the food to how we handle each of our customers.



Classy dining defines us both at our 4 restaurants across Nairobi city, and at the personalized client-events around the country. When it comes to our food, we take it all the way to the diverse cultures around the world. From ethnic to exotic dishes, there is something for everyone at Paul Caffe.



Our clients have always done this faithfully. With the many requests and walk-ins we get from our customers, we have received helpful feedback. Through these, our chefs have been able to think through and creatively work up new recipes. This has seen us introduce new items into our menus as well as review some items on it.



Paul Caffe is an inspiration for food lovers and a great hub to meet our fresh and comprehensive menus, which have a variety of fresh and delicious foods to satisfy your taste buds.

All our menu items are fresh and made to order with the finest natural ingredients hence the fresh and delicious foods we serve our customers.



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